How to write a soft news lead

Today, he is the largest manufacturer of Sea-Worthy, a survival kit for sailing enthusiasts…. The University of Nevada bars students from leaving school sports events to make alcohol runs.

Writing a Feature Lead

Here are some examples of great leads: Seven years later, Hollis, who has a son with Bayliss, was in Delaware County Court accusing him of contriving to bring her into disrepute by exhibiting the tape. Most journalists and editors believe that the lead should come in the first sentence or first few sentences of a hard news article.

This will add a lot of depth to the piece and make the reader feel that you know what you are talking about. And now William John Pearce, 57, is in jail on charges of impersonating a doctor.

Is it a feature or breaking news. The piece can begin with a quote, with an interesting observation or a heart-warming description of the scene or the subject. If you find yourself stuck on the first few words, try to rough out a question lead. A feature lead is often described as a conversation that anyone would like to be a part of.

Mary Saint Clair kissed men at the annual fund-raiser for the local zoo. Hollis contended he showed and distributed the tape in Delaware County and surrounding areas, as well as gave copies of it to two bar owners in Darby, who played it for customers.

Some leads may be more appropriate than others, depending on the nature of the story, but remember that there is always more than one way to lead your story. In features or other soft news stories that use more dramatic storytelling techniques, the lead sometimes is buried in order to increase suspense or add an element of surprise.

The viewers now know part of the story. Quote leads work well for reports that need to keep to the point. The rnayor says he will not raise the city sales tax Use: While she was praying, the concrete basement rumbled and shook. Use quotes to appeal to the heart and mind not just to state facts — We have often noticed that quotes are added to a story to just bulk it up and lots may be said but without actually saying anything worthwhile.

It is a simple story but with many angles — you could talk about how the award changed his life; or how the Government came to his aid and helped him hear again or start by describing in detail when and what were the first things he heard.

A summary lead should address the following questions: Two veteran motion picture industry executives were chosen today by the board of Walt Disney Productions to head the troubled company a mouse built. What is the story about. Negative leads Negative leads, which include the word not, should be avoided.

Make sure everything in your story is absolutely factual, but don't be afraid to use anecdotes, look for quirky angles to highlight and include detail that brings your story to vivid life. A military leader is telling them something important: News Writing Basics 27 Summary lead A summary lead concisely tells the reader the main idea of the story or conveys its news value.

This revised lead does not deal with all five Ws and the H, but it's a start. But the real Dr. Now the audience knows why troops will remain in Iraq. To guarantee that all of the important news elements are reported in a story, journalists have devised a rule that requires newswriters to answer six basic questions: Relive your experiences while working on your story.

He had survived on meagre rations of biscuits, raw fish and rainwater. He vowed never to let anyone suffer the way he had. At ten bucks a kiss, she raised eleven hundred dollars for the zoo. He promised to erase the tape.

Journalism leads are like first impressions. You want to make sure they're good.

___ The way journalists report the news may be changing, but having a strong story opening remains as important as ever.

___ Below is a minute presentation on how to write a lead. Click the play button to start the video player. Aug 25,  · Know a "lead" from a "lede." In fact, they are the exact same thing.

The use of "lede" dates back to when newspaper publishers needed to differentiate between the term used for the beginning of a news story and the molten lead (the metal) used in the printing process%(69).

27 Summary lead. A summary lead concisely tells the reader the main idea of the story or conveys its news value. Most journalists and editors believe that the lead should come in the first sentence or first few sentences of a hard news article. Mar 26,  · (Daily News in New York) Now, not so direct Late one spring night, after drinks at a bar and a bit of protest, Elaine Hollis agreed to her boyfriend’s desire to capture their passion on videotape.

If you are writing a piece on tennis fashion at Roland Garros for your fashion blog, it will be considered a soft news article. Example. Tips on writing a soft news story:– 1. Powerful lead – A soft story usually does not start with a concise and straightforward lead.

How to Write a Soft News Article

In fact, the gist that tells the reader what the article is about can come in the second or. Note any information – a description, a brief story – that might make for a good soft lead.

3. Write your lead. Focus on starting with an anecdote, quote or description. Describe a place, a person or a moment that comes out of your reporting. For anecdotal and descriptive leads limit your soft lead to three to four paragraphs.

How to Write a Soft News Article

This includes the nut graph.

How to write a soft news lead
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